November 20th, 2023

Xfer Records - OTT | Free Compressor VST Plugin

 Xfer Records -  OTT | Free Compressor VST Plugin

Xfer Records plug-ins are always of the highest quality – their Serum synth has become one of the industry standards in recent years.

Given this track record, it is no surprise that OTT is one of our favourite free plug-ins out there.

It is a multiband upwards/downwards compressor that is particularly suited to hard-hitting electronic genres, but it's a tool that producers of most styles of music will probably be able to find a use for.

OTT is an aggressive, yet surprisingly versatile compressor; it works particularly well on the mix bus, on drum busses and on individual drum channels. The interface is simple, but does the job effectively.

There is a 'Depth' control, that essentially adjusts the mix level. This is particularly useful as the compressor is so aggressive – on non-electronic tracks a mix of 5% or less can make a real difference to a sound. The 'Time' control adjusts attack and release times simultaneously; a higher 'Time' value will result in longer values.

There are also controls to adjust the level of downwards and upwards compression. Downwards compression, is what we might term 'regular' compression; the louder sounds are brought down in level. In the upwards compression process, the quieter sounds are brought up in level.

Finally, there are controls for individually tweaking the high, mid, and low frequency bands.

OTT is available as a VST, AU or AAX plug-in. Both Mac and PC are supported. You can download OTT for free at the Xfer Records Website.


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James Bowron
Dec 13, 2023
Why do you not answer your support emails?
Hoang Phuong Pham
Dec 13, 2023
Thank you very much!
Yannick Weiss
Nov 26, 2023
This is great, thanks for sharing :)

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