Celebrating the new SoundGym!

The new SoundGym is all about you, SoundGym members. Music producers, audio engineers, PA guys, students and home recordings musicians from around the world who share the strive for great sounding music.

We want to provide you a learning environment like no other. Friendly, competitive, personalized and full of surprises. A place where you can train, communicate and improve both your listening skills and your knowledge. We want to provide you the right tools and guidance. We also want you to enjoy the process - cause when you have fun you learn better.

Your SoundGym journey is also a journey for excellence. Workout regularly, keep learning, share your knowledge with others and produce emotional sounding music. We are here to help.

Ah, one last thing: please don't tell anyone. It's a secret!

Just kidding. Cheers, and see ya at the gym:)

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