Audio Training for Schools

SoundGym provides institutes and teachers the ultimate online environment for audio ear training & learning:

Personalized Audio Ear Training program

Offer your students a complete audio ear training program that will help them improve crucial listening skills such as compression and equalization. The program is fully personalized and each student gets exercises according to his level and achievements.

Track Students Progress & Activity

Get a precise indication of the progress, activity, strengths, and weaknesses of each class member. Set your audio ear training class, use SoundGym to accompany an existing course, or use it as a 'class without a teacher'.

Engaging Technological Learning Environment

SoundGym is your online center for audio learning and training. Help your students learn faster and better with an engaging learning environment. Set private class spaces, apply tasks, set goals, offer guidance and encourage learning, training, and achievements.

Educational Institutes Benefits

All Premium features
Private admin panel
Students performance stats
Internal social network
Excellent personal support

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