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Hi everyone!
Does anyone here knows any app that can get an Apple Music playlist and tell the root note of each music?
Something like a Mixed in Key but for music on streaming platforms.
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I just finished mixing this track for an upcoming EP. Any constructive feedback will be appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi SoundGym!
So, I've started playing more duels matches, and I'd like to make a suggestion: Maybe you can somehow synchronize the width of the band in the relevant games (e.g. EQ Cheetah for the boosting game) and the band width inside duels? It seems like I get a pretty wide band and it makes it both too easy for me and, in my opinion, unfair for the other players. Thanks!
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Hello everybody!
unfortunately I didn't pay enough attention to the little things in the mix (
the sources are not of the best quality, so I spent most of my free time looking for sound)
mixed in REAPER, used mostly free and stock plugins!
I will be glad to comments!

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I finished a mix for a local band today that I had recorded a while back. It’s a cover of a Michael Jackson song, mixed to match the live-sound style of the band.

I am more or less happy with it - but I fear I might have lost perspective after spending hours editing the backing vocal track (It is a comp of multiple lead vocal takes that didn‘t make it into the lead vocal track).

Would you listen to it and let me know if there is anything disturbing left in the mix in genera...
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Hi there,
i just worked on a new song and I'm now finished with the first mixed version. It would be so kind if I could get some feedback regarding mix/master/song itself. I need some of your fresh ears because I've lived with the song too long now to hear clearly.
Thank you so much for helping out!!
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Hey guys, just finished this song and would love some feedback on the mix. I'm new to the recording/mixing game, but I'm looking to grow quick, so don't hold back! Thanks!

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hi folks this is my very first song and i'm happy to share it with you! i'm looking forward hearing your thoughts and feelings.

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Hey guys, just finished this song and would love some feedback on the mix. I'm new to the recording/mixing game, but I'm looking to grow quick, so don't hold back! Thanks!

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🔃 Revision Day ✔️
🏁 Hi guys!
Here we can repost the mix of the previous week and see if it sounds better compared to the older one
(made before others feedback)

🎶 The song was: Duff – “Il Mondo è Impazzito” 🎶
- Post the link of both: the old mix and the new one, in the comment section below! ⬇️ -
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Hello guys,
Here’s my version of “Duff – Il Mondo è Impazzito”

It was really fun to mix this track! A lot of energy! I enjoyed the vibes and the lyrics as well ahah (@Totonno Nevone ;p). I mixed this song without referencing to the original version, ‘cause I wanted to express my personal taste, freely.. I cleaned up some clashing/annoying frequencies then highlighted the drum sections and t...
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hello everyone

here is my mix approach to the song "Il mondo e impazzito" by Duff.
I used a SSL console.
Have fun.

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Hi guys! This is my mix of DUFF - Il Mondo è Impazzito.

Ok, for me it's a weird one, cos it's actually a song I wrote and sang and played guitar on. Although is not always good to mix your songs, I thought I could give it a try. I had this multitracks since when we recorded them in 2004 so i know them pretty well, and that's why i tried something radical, doing a pretty fast mix with just a smidge of sample on the snare, SSL Native ChannelStrip 2 on every channel, a hint of ...
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Hi guys! I am very new to this platform and I think it is amazing and I am happy to join this community. I am currently working on an album for next year. It is very genre unspecific, but I just finished Mixing the first 6 songs and I'd be absolutely happy to get some feedback on one of the tracks:

Of course it might not be music for everyone, but I hope for a objective mixing critique.

Thanks! :)
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Out of interest, how do people go about their daily workout. Do you spend a specific amount of time on each game, or set a target to move up a level - or both??
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Hello everyone, thought I would get some help from the SoundGym community before I send this off for mastering. I recently finished up this track and want to get some opinions on how the track sounds/what needs work etc... I think I'm pretty close to a final mix on it but it's tough to tell this far into the mix!


Your feedback is very much appreciated!
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Hello all,
Been busy lately, but I thought this was a great idea and it has instant artist feedback. !!! Not to mention the track has a lot of energy.

Thank you Totonno Nevone for sharing your music, and commenting on the mixes. Probably both exciting and scary opening up your music like this. It helps everyone though.

I've been a little off lately and still trying to get a consistent feel for drum and guitar mixes. Been trying different approaches each time. Haven'...
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Hey just curious - who here can say their ear has significantly improved because of soundgym? :)
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Hey everyone, hope you have all been keeping well! Finally had some free time to join in for a mix, but this time I gave myself a bit of a challenge. Usually I do the mix over the course of a few days but for this one I wanted to try to get the whole thing done in a single day. I'm fairly comfortable mixing rock tracks and it was well recorded enough that I figured this would be a great track to try to get done in a day. It definitely changed my workflow considerably, less experimenting with...
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Duff – “Il Mondo E’ Impazzito”
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Hi all!
Please check out my latest track. It is a piano music for movie soundtrack. My ears are already ‘blured’ so I’m in a doubt is this mix already OK or not. You feedback will hugely help me. Thanks in advance!
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Hi, here is my mix of the song from the group Duff, Il mondo è Impazzito (true) sorry for sending it so late. I really liked the sound of the guitars and the bass. Not so much the sound of the drums, it took me a while to find the sound I was looking for. I tuned the main voice a bit, especially in the final notes.

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Podcast Mix and Mastering
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Hey there :) I have got about as far as I think I can go on this mix without feedback from some more experienced ears! Just a heads up that although the vocal sounds pretty good, is only a scratch take and I don't have any doubles which I'd definitely add. This is my 2nd attempt at mixing drums and so it's no surprise that I feel that these need the most work. Totally open to suggested and feedback. Hope you like the song! Thank you in advance :)

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Hey everyone, I've been working on this new single, and I'm close to my final bounce! I'm planning on releasing this next week, constructive feedback is greatly appreciated, thank you!

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Hey guys this is my first post and first mix here...i download stems on friday so i dont have enough time to solve some issues but anyway)

Here is my version of Duff – Il Mondo è Impazzito”


Thank you for you time, i will give my feedback on your mixes a bit later)
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Hello guys!
It’s time for another run, this Week we’ll work on a Pop/Rock song from Cambridge. 🎤🎛️
P.S. There are a lot of guitar tracks but don’t worry we can choose which ones to keep and which ones to delete

Here is the l...
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Hello, this is my mix of Duff – “Il Mondo E’ Impazzito”. Thanks!

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Hello everybody! This is my first time here and here's my mix of the week - Duff – “Il Mondo E’ Impazzito”. this is one of the first jobs I did in my new control room. I made a mix on the SSL AWS900+ console, I used all 24 channels and also used the channel strip2 plugins from SSL and also I used a few hardware devices - the Lexicon 480L and MPX500 reverbs and the NEVE 33609 for parallel compression of the drums. In the version of the "mastering" track, nothing special was ...
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Hello guys,
Here’s my version of “Duff – Il Mondo è Impazzito”

Thanks for listening.
All kind of comments are welcome.
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Hi guys, I have a vocal I recorded and I tried to get rid of the harsh frequencies. I tend to have a lot of problems with the letters "v", "g" and "s". I use a pop filter when recording, even turning the microphone a bit, I use smooth operator plugin from baby audio, a de-esser and dynamic eq from fabfilter q3. And still I can clearly hear the harsh frequencies. Any of you has the same issue and found a way to fix this? Would love some input or some tips to fix this...
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