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I just want to say HI! Im new here :) hope we all get better at what we love <3
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Does anyone else wonder how they'll ever complete EQ Cheetah?! I literally don't think I can flick between the EQs of 25 songs in 60 seconds, let alone pick the correct one as well - and if you get one wrong answer, the app seems to take too long to load the next song \_(ツ)_/
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Hi everyone! Is it just me being paranoid or is there a low rumble with the sound of "level complete"? 😅
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Not sure if SoundGym will like or allow but the "EQ, Practice, EQ Matching" exercises are a nice supplement in my opinion. https://pae.izotope.com/
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Is there a way to reset the level on your games so that you start at level 1 again?
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Hi everyone,
Am I the only one hearing drastic level changes in Distorted Reality amongst others, somehow not every question, but for a few times in a row, number 9. Levels are also inconsistent sometimes in Dr comp, not too sure how these exercices are made. Are they generated or are they pre made "by hand"? Is there a "loudness" check more than a level check perhaps? Obviously not concerning Eq games or dB...
Is it all by design, or as some'd say in the live indu...
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🔃 Revision Day ✔️
🏁 Hi guys!
Here we can repost the mix of the previous week and see if it sounds better compared to the older one
(made before others feedback)

🎶 The song was: Pete Mroz – “Open Up Your Eyes” 🎶
- Post the link of both: the old mix and the new one, in the comment section below! ⬇️ -
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Hey mates!
Here's my version of Pete Mroz - "Open Up Your Eyes"


Great song, I really liked mixing it! Looking forward to your comments. As you may know, all comments are welcomed and much appreciated.
Thanks for listening.
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Hello guys!
It’s the turn of another mixing challenge and this time we experiment with an “Indie/Skirts” song! It’s a really unusual/strange track but I’m sure we can unleash our creativity! Hands on the faders 🤘🎛️📯...
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Better late than never. Here's my mix of Pete Mroz – “Open Up Your Eyes”.

Really fun to mix. Not much to say about what I did. Struggled a bit with the drums but that's normal. Let me know what is sounds like on your system. Thanks

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Hi guys....
This is my mix of Open up your eyes....
I used the SSL J9000 on my tracks and on the group busses Shadowhills and SPL Iron compressor and some other plugins.....
It was fun to mix....
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Hello everybody! I'm the new guy. I can't seem to get any sound through with the games? (Mac-Apollo Twin - Safari) Penny for your thoughts 🙏🏻
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Hey guys!
Here's my version of Pete Mroz - "Open Up Your Eyes"

I really liked this song! This time I decided to focus on the "macro" side of the mixing, groupin together the main elements and processing them as a single unit, then added effects, reverbs and delays.. ;p
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Hello everyone, hope you had a great week and didn't make too many poor financial decisions involving plugins during black friday :p!

I had a good time mixing the track this week even though I kind of deviated from my strategy early on. Since this is a multitrack from Produce Like A Pro and was produced/recorded by Warren, I figured the tracks included were purposeful and I should try to keep as many as possible. However, I axed a few of the drum stems (a bass drum, a couple of snare ...
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Hello Everyone!!!
It is my version Pete Mroz – “Open Up Your Eyes”

I didn't much time for mixing this session. to my opinion this tracking looks amazing and all tracks did record well. in this session i use a classical Reverb like a Lexicon 224, EMT140, Lexicon 480 and Bricasti and API channel stripe emulation by Softube. I did mix version only and I haven't lot of time for mastering. Thanks for your attention


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Hi everyone,

This week is my first time here in the mixdown training room. Usually, I am a live sound engineer, this is also my first time mixing a well-recorded studio recording. I'd like to hear what you think of it and all feedback is very welcome.


Oh, and I must say that I love this concept. It's amazing to gain experience in mixing studio recordings from home.
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Here is my mix of "Open up your eyes". I was looking to get an open "airy" mix. I also waned the lead vocal to feel like the person was sing to you in person. So I tried to bring the lead vocal up in the mix as far as I could without causing an unnatural separation with the instruments, I hope. Most of the tracks were Eq and compressed using the waves SSL EV 2 channel strip. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1T076yNbH8k4AOIqhxlUQJ4yeaSkj-Ba-/view?usp=sharing
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Hi everyone, here's my version of this weeks song: https://soundcloud.com/raymo/pete-mroz-open-up-your-eyes/s-4WpJ8gC2cd5?si=c8e42ebd47904c918844dcd1cce9e9b8

Its far from finished, but it's been too long not participating :) Let me know what you think.
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Here is this weeks mix. Open Up Your Eyes


A rush to finish it...
Mixed in mono at first then added reverbs. Stereo panning on guitar to add width,,,

Nice relaxed track

Look forward to your comments as always
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Hello everyone

here is my version and approach of Pete Mroz : Open up your eyes


I use fab and SSl E console.
Thanks for listening.
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Hey! Here I am and my mix! It was great fun! Thank you MAGGHY JI for this multitrack! I hope you all will like it! Share your experience.

Pete Mroz – “Open Up Your Eyes”
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Hi Soundgymers. I’ve had a lot of work this week and haven’t been able to invest too much time in the soundgym mix. I usually do different mixes and finally choose the best one. This week I did a single quick mix that took me 2 hours which for me is very little time. The song is very beautiful and very well recorded, although I got a little lost with so much drum and bass tracks and so few guitars and voices. At first I had thought not to publish this week, but finally I thought it was also ...
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Hello everybody, I hope you're doing marvellously well!! ;-)

Here comes my try at Pete Mroz - 'Open Your Eyes'.

Went for API style emulation this time + additional inserts where needed. I changed my mixing template and used VCAs a lot this time. Also I implemented much more parallel FX esp. on the LV than in my earlier mixing attempts.

I found it it ...
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Hey guys,
here's my mix for Pete Mroz – “Open Up Your Eyes”


Great song, it was fun mixing it!
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Good day,

this is my idea for this song.
A parallel plate reverb on the instruments, and a stereo (very, very short 39L/89R ms) parallel delay on voices.
Probably there will be the "usual" problem above 5kHz...

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I can't hear any sound playing Beatrace... somebody here with the same problem? cheers!
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Hello everyone!

After a while doing nothing I felt inspired by an illustration and thought of doing some lil' experiment. So now I am curious to receive some constructive critic, especially being the first rime I produce something with Ableton Live (which I'am learning to appreciate everyday more) and given the fact that I am not a producer but really more of a player/instrumentalist.

I love to take inspiration from images when it comes to create music. I strongly believe...
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Does anyone have any good advice for Bass Detective? I find myself struggling with this one, particularly I think because the frequency spectrum is zoomed in visually. I'm used to EQ cheetah and others with the full spectrum, so I find when it it is zoomed in I keep favoring the left side more. Thanks for any advice!
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Black Friday deal, looking at this SSL deal for there Native FlexVerb https://store.solidstatelogic.com/products/ssl-native-flexverb
$29 versus regular $279, unlike other companies that sell everyday for $29, this looks like might be worth it. Haven't found a lot of reviews online, anyone have experience with this?
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