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Hay guys, I'm working on this trap track and want some feedback. Do you like the track? Is there anything that annoys you very hard? Is there anything you think is great? Does it miss something very hard? Did I overdo something? Thank you for feedback in advance!


This was the 2nd master. Which one do you prefer? the first one's here: https:/...
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Can someone explain to me how can i hear diference in "Delay Control" between 3ms and 15ms, what I should pay attention to?
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Hey people - I'd love to hear your feedback on this track I made. Thanks
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Hi Ladies and Gents, I've got some mixes of an EP I've been working on. Would like some feedback...is this allowed here or have I missed out on a forum?

Thanks all!
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RIP Evángelos Odysséas Papathanassiou, VANGELIS.

An electronic music pioneer, he expanded the use of synth sounds into different areas of the musical spectrum. His compositions for films like Blade Runner and Chariots of Fire in the 80s entered my mind when I was just a kid, but they have been a great foundation for what music means to me until this day.
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I just started getting into music production and mixing in the beginnig of this year with the aim to produce and release my own orginals.
Today, my second production was released. It is a bit jazzy, and souly with some rock elements in the end.
I'm thankful for any feedback, especially on the mix!

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not too many trap producers around here huh? What kind of genres of music are y'all making?
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Hello everyone,
I would love some feedback on this track I made this autumn for the end of a theater play (I was acting in). It's gonna be used again on a cinematographer's showreel, i'm excited about it. It's like a second life for it.
Every piece of advice (mix and arrangements) would be a great help.

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Hey - I just released this song. I'd love some feedback on the mix. Thanks
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any suggestions on the vocal mix?
idk how to make beats so i got it from youtube
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🔃 Revision Day ✔️
🏁 Hi guys!
Here we can repost the mix of the previous week and see if it sounds better compared to the older one
(made before others feedback)

🎶 The song was : Magician’s Nephew – “Get Out Of Bed”🎶
- Post the link of both: the old mix and the new one, in the comment section below! ⬇️ -
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Looks like SoundGym has been hacked.
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Good morning guys!
We continue with the rock style but this time the new MIX is a Melodic Hard Rock song, from Cambridge site, with some tricky elements… It’ll be a challenging track, for sure ...
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What a day! What a great day we're having.
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Hi All

Here is my mix "Magician's Nephew - Get out of Bed"


Thanks for comments.
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I listened to how others made their mixes, but forgot to post my own))))

but here he is
Magician’s Nephew – “Get Out Of Bed”
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Good morning everyone!
Here’s my version of Magician’s Nephew – “Get Out Of Bed”

Like the last song, I really enjoyed mixing this project and my main focus was exactly the same, highlight the groove and the arrangement, working on the interaction between the lead vocal and the guitars, the drum kit and the bass, the hammond track and the guitars.. then as always I used reverbs, delays, a bit...
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Hi all! Here is my mix of cool track - Magician’s Nephew – “Get Out Of Bed”.

Mixing without master (~14 lufs):

I try to take your advice from the previous mix! Thanks everyone!;)
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Hello everyone

This time I had less time to mix and therefore it sounds certainly a bit rough and unfinsihed.
But nevertheless I want to hear your opinion to my process so far I mixed it.

Here is my version of "Get out of bed":

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Hello everyone
Here is my mix "Magician's Nephew - Get out of Bed"


A fun punk pop track this week.. Thanks Magghy

Probably over compressed everything . A little short delay and reverb on the vocals to add interest. hopefully not too much Magghy?! ;-p

several guitar licks I liked and ...
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Good day.
a new challenge!
Trying to improve my (poor) mixing capabilities I bought a video course for compression.
This is my version of Magician's Nephew Got out of bed.
I feel there is a lot of Bass (sorry I like it).
My targets were balancing and voice compression.
@Vlad Po I hope you find some kind of improvements, instead I will have to come at your home to learn something; I w...
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Hey guys, I hope you are doing good. I tried to do the mix for this week but had limited time. Please let me know what you think. I'm also wondering what kind of reference tracks you guys have used for this genre. Please let me know ;)

Check: https://soundcloud.com/raymo/magicians-nephew-get-out-of-bed/s-rSmt2SOmvW7?utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing

Thanks in advance! I will listen to some of your tracks tomorrow.
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I was referencing my mix, and noticed that ilan bluestone's 43 track clips at +1.0 dB and has a LUFS of -5.0. How is this possible? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. This has been driving me insane for so long.
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how can i improve the vocal mix 🤔
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