Aniene - Da Otranto a Craiova
Aniene - Da Otranto a Craiova
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Aniene - Da Otranto a Craiova

Each month we shine the spotlight on one SoundGym member by reviewing one of their tracks for our Music Spot feature. This month we focus on `Da Otranto a Craiova` by @Federico Viscioletti, AKA Aniene.

Viscioletti is originally from Terni in Italy, but is now based in London. His artist name comes from Rome`s second river, and he describes his motivation as the `communicative need to make music and tell stories despite everything`.

`Da Otranto a Craiova` (`From Otranto to Craiova`) is a heartfelt love song. Viscioletti describes his style as `mixture of pop/folk and electronic world` music, and while these genres seem disparate at first glance, they sit together very comfortably on this track. 

The textures are largely organic; acoustic guitar, Rhodes, piano and glockenspiel provide a fitting bed for Viscioletti`s earthy vocal. These sounds are complemented by world music percussion elements, and as the track develops we begin to hear more electronic sounds creep in. At times we hear autotuned vocals that recall Daft Punk; one of Viscioletti`s stated musical influences. At one point, the entire track starts to break apart, as it passes through a bit-crusher. These digital interventions are never unwelcome and keep the production fresh and interesting as the song progresses.  

You can follow Aniene on Facebook and Instagram, and check out more of his music over on his Soundcloud and YouTube channels.

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