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Hello everyone !
Today I finished mixing this wonderful song. Please listen and evaluate my work, I will be grateful to you.
Regarding the drum kit not separated by different soundtracks - of course it is inconvenient, but we beginners need to learn how to work with different material.
I do mastering from the very beginning together with mixing, so I post one version.
Glenn Mc Phee - “A Sailor Once More”
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Question to producers out there (I'm relatively new), whats the best way to progress? How do you guys listen to your own work and know what is lacking. How do you pick out all your mistakes and the things to work on. At the start it just seems like a whole lot is not good about your music, so it's hard to identify the problem or identify which of them should be worked on first. Any advice?
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Hola Amigos.
I have published my very first track . I know it still needs work in quiet a few areas , I have done it up to my current knowledge level.
Your feedback will be much appreciated .❤
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Trap fusion Track Feedback
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Hey guys,
here’s my version of Glenn McPhee – “ A Sailor One More “

It was an interesting song to mix, especially for the bagpipes, (never approched before).. I used some effects, including reverbs and delays to give depth and I mixed all the other instruments trying to respect the original idea of the band.. ;P
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Hi everyone, I know its a day too late but I would still like to submit it. Here's my take on "A Sailor Once More". I didnt really know what to do with the bagpipes but I liked the overall energy of the track.


Let me know what you think :)
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"A Sailor Once More" Mix
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Hi everybody,

I am not really happy with the mix i came up with, but i am going to post anyway.
Comments are welcome!

I feel i have problems with the voice, still a bit boxy and many problems in the recording wich i would like to fix but that would take a lot of time.

Also the drums are still not how i would like them in this genre.

But i started it so i will post it...

Have a great sunday!

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hello everyone

This was a song from a very and seldom mixed different genre, with different instruments to mix.
In my view a very nice song - "A Sailor once more".

I used API and Fabfilter plugins.
I thought the piano can only be heard in some parts, because it is a rather dense mix.

And here is my version of the song:

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Hi room!

Long time since I last joined you people for a mix, but I thought I would give it a whirl.

mainworkflow was as follows:
Order and group instruments, have a first listen and make rough balans using the group-faders.
Mute instrument groups except for drum and percussion and main vox. Make a good mix there, add bg vox, add bass guitar, add guitars, add piano and finally add the flute and bagpipe. Then add reverbs.

Since I think of this song as sort of a duet betw...
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Happy Sunday to all,

here is my version of
Glenn Mc Phee - “A Sailor Once More”

I should have cut the end. Please ignore the last seconds, because they are just empty.
Thanks for any feedback.
Have fun.
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Hello soundgymers, my version of the magnificent song Glenn Mc Phee - “A Sailor Once More” It has transported me to my youth, when I played in a folk-rock music band, we toured all over Spain and coincided with bands like Gwendal, Alan Stivell, Oyster band, etc. Too bad the drums isn't on separate tracks since I could have gotten more juice out of it. The voice has also cost me a bit, the singer has a very nice timbre of voice but sometimes it seems as if the Irish whiskey has damaged hi...
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Here is my mix of

A sailor once more .. by Glen McPhee

Went for haunting feel on the BVs.

Generally mixed in mono at first

Alot of compression on the Guitar and bass. Stock logic hall reverb used for flute and Bagpipes.. but hopefully not over cooked it !!

All comments welcome .. thank you .
I promise to listen and comment on your mixes this week :-)

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Hello everyone,

Here's my mix of "Sailor once more" by Glen McPhee.

Drums, which sound programmed, took some time; I did not quite like the kick and snare sounds, used a bit of eq + serial compressors, but could probably do more to improve if I had time. I also did some alignment for background vocals and worked to smooth a strange pop in lead vocals at 0:32. Also did some eq automation on a similar mishap on lead vocals at the very end of the song. I really liked t...
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Hey everyone, it's awesome to see so many people posting mixes this week! I'm insanely busy these days but I still lurk and check out Magghy's pick each week. Hearing this song I figured I had to join in since it was so different than anything I've mixed before and it sounded like it would be a lot of fun to mix (and by the way, it was).

I kind of had to mix really quick to get this done and I didn't have as much time to really fine tune things, I think this track woul...
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Hi all. Here's my mix of Glenn Mc Phee's - “A Sailor Once More”

Great song and super fun mix, but I'm a control freak and I didn't have total control over the drums so I was not as happy as I wanted to be. Notice to the unaware: When setting a session up for mixing, always bounce your cymbals separate from your drums. Common sense you'd think. But it is what it is. Still had fun!

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Glenn Mc Phee's - “A Sailor Once More”
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Hey everyone,

Here is my version of this weeks mix: Glenn McPhee – “ A Sailor One More “
Interesting song with these classic bagpipes and the drums recorded on one track (nice challenge).


I tried to keep the mix simple this time. Hoping that it is a good match with the idea of the song. Spend most of the time on balancing the instruments and the lead vocal.

Thanks for listenin...
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Hey guys, how are you? Here is the mix for the last week, i didn't post it the last weekend because i was on vacation. Any coments about the mix is well received. Thanks guys. https://soundcloud.com/andy-pinzon-459949057/bruks-kai-aps-mix
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Hello soundgym community. I was just recently working on the mix of this track and i would like to have a feedback. Thanks.
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Staying Focused
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Hey everyone,
here’s my mix of Glenn McPhee – “ A Sailor One More “


I used some effect on the guitar, and make some panning, eQ, and so on.
Thanks for comment, i'm a beginner ;)
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Am I the only one who struggles with the functionality of the workouts? espacially the reverb wizard has extreme long loadingtimes between the stages and crashes completely after about 9 stages. I can't finish my daily workout because of this, sadly :(
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Hey everyone, I'm Michael and here for two weeks now. I have a hard time with the Balance Memory workout. Do you have any suggestions? I simply loose the memory of the balance the moment I hear the new mix.
Have a nice weekend, cheers
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Hip-hop Fusion Beat Feedback
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It took around 4 months but finally I can do Peak Master without turning off the EQ boost, and manage to identify peak freqs straight away! This feels like real progress! (Still stuggle with the opposite in Kit Cut though...)
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EQ Trainer.... ?
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Hey there all, I'm new here as of today. I love what we've got going on so far, I'm excited to visit back frequently. Cheers, audiophiles :)
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Dr. Compressor - Help Me Please
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Hello guys!
We welcome a new genre for this week! We’re going to mix a “Celtic style” song, with the classic bagpipes!
Hands on the fader! 🎛️📯

Here is the link:
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New track in the vein of game/cinematic music. Was practicing only using a few instruments and filling out the arrangement with permutations of parts and automation. Would love to hear comments and critiques as well as what genre this might be classified as... Thanks!
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🔃 Revision Day ✔️
🏁 Hi guys!
Here we can repost the mix of the previous week and see if it sounds better compared to the older one
(made before others feedback)

🎶 The song was: Bruks - “Kak Tvoi Dela, Vova?” 🎶
- Post the link of both: the old mix and the new one, in the comment section below! ⬇️ -
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I am new to this chat feature but just went and read through everyones posts and the responses. I'm so impressed to see how positive and supportibe everyone is with each other! Usually the facebook groups of this stuff gets all argumentative and heated... it's lovely to see that change here. I will be certainly posting any questions I have on this page. Thanks to everyone for making this a community I'm happy to be a part of
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Hello Sound Gym community! I have an EDM track that I’ve been working on and I’d like your feedback on how I can improve this mix. Levels, balance, eq and compression are all things that I’m trying to get better at and at this point I’m not sure what is working and what isn’t. Thanks in advanced.

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Hi, I would like to ask about your hints and suggestion related to mixing and mastering a nylon-string Spanish guitar track that I recently created. I chose an unaware approach to EQ, compression, levels, reverb on the guitar and panning (position in stereo) for it and would like to know a more sophisticated approach or tricks. There are two tracks, a rhythm sample and a guitar recording. Thank you everybody for the critique and hints! https://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/WIh18NYIUi0 https://y...
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Hey everybody! This is my first time posting in this community, but I'm in need of some mix critiques so I figured this is a great time to start! This will be the first project released that I have mixed and mastered, and I'd love some specific feedback as far as the mix or even the master go. Thanks!

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Bruks - “Kak Tvoi Dela, Vova?”
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hey guys pretty proud of this one just decided too make a beat and practice my mixing/mastering would love some feedback ! https://soundcloud.com/danvivacemusic/ai-mastering-2/s-P8GuCOzMKO7?si=d54218df236647aab69deb23476c6609&utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing
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Hey guys so yesterday I was on a subreddit for mixing and mastering trying to learn about a specific topic. Anyway this guy messages me personally and starts telling me how hard it is to learn mixing mastering and how I should outsource to an engineer to do all this for me. (Mind you I knew he was just trying to sell me something) but the way he came off kind off broke my spirit he made it seem like this whole thing wasn’t accessible. I want to be a self sustainable music producer and be able...
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Hey guys I have a question how do you guys go about eqing piano to have space for everything else since it’s such a full frequency instrument?
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amazing ♥
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