Alex Hilton - A1TriggerGate
 Alex Hilton - A1TriggerGate
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Alex Hilton - A1TriggerGate

When most of use can`t find a piece of software that does exactly what we want it to do, we have to either find a workaround or just keep looking. When Alex Hilton couldn`t find a trigger gate that did the things he wanted, he just went ahead and built one from scratch.

Luckily for us, he has decided to make the plug-in available for free on his website. A1 TriggerGate is a rhythmic gate plug-in that can be sequenced and contains a host of other features too.

The plug-in displays the sequencer front and center, in a format that will be familiar to most producers. The sequencer works to straight 16ths by default, and there is a toggleable option to use triplet rhythms. Beneath the sequencer are envelope controls and a selection of on-board FX; Lowpass Filter, Drive/Distortion and Echo/Delay. There is a global `FX Off` control if you want to instantly bypass all of this processing.

We recently wrote an article showing four ways you can add a little chaos to your production process. In it, we discussed various plug-ins that contain a randomizing feature, and how it can be exciting to experiment with these kinds of controls. A1 TriggerGate comes with a `Random` button that will sequence random patterns for you – potentially leading you to weird and wonderful results!

TriggerGate is available as a 32 or 64 bit plug-in for PC and Mac. It comes in VST2, AAX and AU versions, and you can download it from here.

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