Gamma Juice - Pixie
Gamma Juice - Pixie
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Gamma Juice - Pixie

We have a bit of a special Music Spot this month. Normally we use this platform to shine a light on one of our amazing members, but this month we are going to be sharing the new album created by our founder; Noam Gingold and his band, Gamma Juice!

The Gamma Juice lineup is completed by Orian Simon and Guy Ben Zvi . `Pixie`, their debut, is a compelling aural soup in which warm electronics swirl around broken junk-shop keyboards and hyperactive lo-fi drum machines. There is a confident ear for vocal melody that at times can recall The Flaming Lips, or the ache and yearning of Daniel Johnston.

Gamma Juice also evoke the melancholic nostalgia of Ariel Pink. This is not just driven by the songwriting, but by the sonic qualities of the record itself. The hazy, lo-fi atmosphere - created through detuned keyboards, filtered vocals and dreamy echoes - is wonderfully evocative. `Pixie` is the half-remembered sound of a cassette tape playing in another room when you were a child.

The musical structures are interesting, often breaking into looped sections that point to the fact that this band has experience in varying genres of electronic music. This is a musical trick that heightens the hypnotic power of the album. There is a great deal to enjoy here and we urge you to check it out!

You can hear more from Gamma Juice on Spotify, Soundcloud and YouTube, and you can follow them over on Facebook.

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