meHiLove - Afterlight
meHiLove - Afterlight
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meHiLove - Afterlight

Each month we shine the spotlight on one SoundGym member by reviewing one of their releases for our Music Spot feature. This month we focus on `Afterlight` by Ukrainian house producer Yuriy Mikhailov, AKA meHiLove.

The track is out now on Silk Music, a label that the producer has had a long and fruitful relationship with – first releasing with them back in 2011. It`s clear from the start that this is a track from an artist that has an intimate knowledge of what is needed to craft a deep, melodic and emotional house track.

The track oozes a sensual confidence and Mikhailov is not afraid to showcase his flair for expressive, bittersweet melody; the break at the midpoint of the song is a particularly lovely illustration of this melodic work. From this point the track truly lifts off, showing its progressive chops with uplifting synths and a warm, precision-engineered bottom end.

The vocals and bass on Afterlight take us on a deep dive through electronic music history, evoking the classic sound of Orbital`s Halcyon And On And On. Being reminded of this track is never a bad thing!

`Afterlight` is out now across all the usual streaming platforms; you can find it on Spotify here. You can also find out more about meHiLove by visiting his Soundcloud, Instagram and Facebook pages. The producer has a deep back catalogue that is well worth exploring.

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