OSL -  Chorus
OSL -  Chorus
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OSL - Chorus

We recently provided you with a few tips on how to use chorus in your mixes, and our free plug-in this month is a chorus with a bit of a difference. Oblivion Sound Lab have based this effect on the on-board chorus that was found on Roland`s classic Juno 60 synthesizer.

The default settings of the plug-in emulate the original unit; producing a rich, wide chorus that is perfect on synth sounds – especially if you are looking to give them a slight `80s feel. However, the parameters are also adjustable, so you should be able to use the OSL Chorus for a much wider range of applications.

You can tweak the LFO rate and depth, and adjust the delay offset. There is a low pass filter to adjust brightness, and a wet/dry control, which is very useful; chorus is often at its most effective when used in a subtle way. As you`d expect, the plug-in is fully automatable, and it works on both stereo-stereo and mono-stereo channels. 

Below are some demos created by Oblivion Sound Lab that demonstrate the capabilities of this plug-in on a range of instruments that aren`t synthesizers.

OSL Chorus is available as a VST for Mac and Windows and as an AU for Mac. 32 and 64 bit versions are available. You can download the plug-in for free from the Oblivion Sound Lab website.

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