Puremagnetik Drift Maker free vst plugin open in ableton live
Puremagnetik Drift Maker free vst plugin open in ableton live

March 28th, 2022

Puremagnetik - Driftmaker | Free VST Plugin

Puremagnetik's Driftmaker is a different kind of delay tool, and because you probably don't have a free vst plug-in that behaves quite like it – it's well worth checking out.

There are hundreds of delay plug-ins on the market, and there are plenty of great options available for free. However, it is rare that you come across a free delay that does something truly different from the majority of the competition.

Driftmaker was designed to 'encapsulate [the] faded, time-worn character' of BlankFor.ms debut on Puremagnetik's record label. Tyler Gilmore of BlankFor.ms himself created all the presets that are bundled with the delay.

The developer calls Driftmaker a 'delay disintegration device', and that is a pretty accurate description. There are six controls; Gain, Time, and Blend (the mix control) are all fairly self-explanatory. In addition, 'Parse' controls the amount of recorded memory, 'Drift' adds a filter and analog FX, while 'Chop' controls the length of the recalled segment of sound.

Driftmaker can be a little tricky to control, but this is not a delay that is meant for precise tasks; this is the kind of plug-in that you play around with and see what happens… The joy comes from experimentation. The sounds that it creates are full of character and do possess the warm, nostalgic quality that the developer was aiming for.

Driftmaker is available as a VST or AU plug-in. Both Mac and PC are supported. You can download the plug-in for free at the Puremagnetik website.


These guys's effects plugins are always interesting: usual tasks made in unusual ways resulting in tasty outcomes (slightly CPU hungry, though). Thanks.
Nate Gabe
Mar 29
i've just went through a rabbit hole with their free ableton pack, some really good stuff and they seem real fun too

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