Sennheiser -  AMBEO Orbit
Sennheiser -  AMBEO Orbit
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Sennheiser - AMBEO Orbit

This month we are showcasing a free plug-in that was recommended to us by our amazing community! Orbit is a free plug-in from Sennheiser that is part of their AMBEO range of software and hardware. The plug-in is designed to give you extra flexibility when working with binaural recordings.

In recent years binaural recording has become more and more popular, as much of the hardware required to produce such recordings has become more affordable. Sennheiser themselves have produced the AMBEO Smart Headset, and Roland have released their CS-10EMs at an even lower price. If you want to find out a little more about binaural recordings, watch the video below (you will need to wear headphones):

Orbit is available for free from the Sennheiser website, and you can use it to position any mono or stereo source in three dimensions (or to pan sounds that you captured with binaural mics). This essentially allows you to pan things up and down, and in front of or behind the listener. In addition, you can alter the stereo spread, and change the `clarity` level of the sound source. Using binaural encoding on a sound source requires the use of audible filtering. You can effectively control the wet/dry level of this filtering with the `clarity` control. Deciding how much of the original tone you are willing to sacrifice in order to gain three dimensional positioning.

This is a fascinating plug-in that we are sure many of you would love to experiment with. It is available Here for Mac or Windows in AAX, VST, VST3 and AU formats.

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