January 11th, 2024

Music Spot: Silüet - Senin Olmak

Music Spot: Silüet - Senin Olmak

From time to time, we shine the spotlight on a SoundGym member by reviewing one of their releases for our Music Spot feature. In this review we take a look at SoundGym member Caner Keskin’s band, Silüet and their single ‘Senin Olmak’.

The band were formed in Istanbul during 2020; a “year no one liked”. They lean into alt rock but are unwilling to define themselves under a single subgenre. Keskin is joined by bandmates Ahmet Çetinkaya, Aslı Eren and Batuhan Yiğit. 

‘Senin Olmak’ (‘Being Yours’) was the band’s debut single and the start of a journey that has led them to completing an album that still awaits release. On the basis of this single, it will be well worth waiting for. ‘Senin Olmak’ showcases a band that are capable of lithe and funky rock and that can ramp up the power and intensity of the music when they need to. 

The track begins in a warm haze of funky guitar, scattered delays and sinuous bass. This intro really brings the blissed-out stylings of Khruangbin to mind, but as the track then develops, it takes a journey to an entirely different musical space.

The vocal in the verses is intimate, scratchy and melodic, which means that when the chorus arrives with a heavy wall of electric guitar fuzz it is not entirely expected. These unexpected left-tuns are one of the features of this track that keeps the listener on their toes; curious to hear what comes next.

The multi-layered vocal in the chorus holds on to the laid back feel of the verses, but the contrast with the roiling sea of guitars that rage beneath it gives this part of the song an entirely different feel; inspired perhaps by both stoner and psychedelic rock to different extents.

The post-chorus sections break back out into a funky, driving guitar pattern that keeps the momentum high. The production of the guitars is very interesting; some sections featuring different parts with wildly differing tones, each selected to accomplish a different task in the arrangement. The solos here demonstrate that we’re listening to some incredibly accomplished players, but the musicianship is simple when it needs to be too; serving the song sensitively. 

The production and mix are impressive. Layering this many guitars and vocals into a single track while retaining clarity, balance and depth is no easy task. Each musical part has its own, clearly defined, space in the mix while the vocals cut through even in the most densely layered sections. 

‘Senin Olmak’ offers us a glimpse of a promising musical journey that we eagerly anticipate with the impending album release. The fusion of intimate vocals with powerful surges of electric guitar fuzz creates a captivating contrast that draws you in, and the expertly crafted production showcases the band's technical excellence. With their ability to balance complexity and simplicity, Silüet have created a track that not only enthrals but also impresses with its intricate layering and sonic clarity. Keep an eye out for their forthcoming album; it's bound to be an exciting musical ride.

You can follow Silüet on Instagram and X (formerly Twitter), and you can listen to more of their music on YouTube or Spotify.

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