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Spitfire Audio are one of the current world leaders in the sampler instrument game. They have created numerous industry-standard sample libraries, and collaborated with the likes of Hans Zimmer. The good news for budget-conscious music producers is that they have recently created LABS; a free software instrument, for which they are adding a new library every month.

So far, the LABS collection includes nine different libraries, which are individually downloadable; Frozen Strings, Synth Pads, Choir, Charango, Electric Piano, Amplified Cello Quartet, Drums, Strings and Soft Piano. Each month, Spitfire will add an additional library, which they notify LABS users about by email. 

There are only three controls on the interface; one slider for expression, one for dynamics, and a rotary control that can change various further parameters based on the individual library; for example, reverb or ADSR envelopes. Therefore, in contrast with Spitfire's full price libraries, there are not many parameters that can be edited here, and each library comes with just a handful of presets. However, the quality of the samples themselves really is top-drawer – much as you would expect from such a high profile production studio. What this plug-in lacks in versatility, it more than makes up for in quality. LABS is a worthy addition to anyone's production tool kit. 

The plug-in is available as a VST2, VST3, AAX and AU instrument. Both Mac and PC are supported. You can sign up for LABS on the Spitfire Audio website by visiting this page. Just click 'GET' next to any of the available instruments to download the instrument and libraries. 


Renato Antić
Feb 28, 2019
Just checked it on YouTube and I was blown away how good it sounds... Downloading right now
Dmitry K
Mar 02, 2019
Can't register on site to get it. Can someone share?
Deleted User
Mar 17, 2019

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