TAL - Reverb 4

Our free plug-in this month is the fourth iteration of TAL's excellent reverb. The reverb is actually based on the same algorithm that is used in their TAL-Sampler, a fun instrument that is itself worth investigating. The plug-in is incredibly simple, containing just a single reverb algorithm. This means that it is nowhere near as versatile as many other reverbs, but it does do one thing incredibly well.

The sound is very diffuse, with a fast build-up time, and TAL describe it as a 'modulated vintage reverb sound'. It can work well on a variety of material, but it is particularly effective on vocals or EDM type leads. The simplicity of the plug-in makes it incredibly easy to use; there are level controls for wet and dry signals, and only four controls to dictate the reverb sound itself. Rotary controls are provided for delay, size, lo-cut and hi-cut.

While this is never likely to become your 'go-to' reverb for every situation, it does sound great for a free plug-in, and can therefore become a very important tool in your production armoury. It is worth noting that Reverb 4 only works on stereo channels, although this is not particularly uncommon for reverb plug-ins, and shouldn't hold you back from taking a look at it.

TAL Reverb 4 is available for Mac and PC in VST, AU and AAX formats. It comes in both 32 and 64 bit versions. You can download it from their website. 

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