Tokalah - Moodswings
Tokalah - Moodswings
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Tokalah - Moodswings

Each month we shine the spotlight on one SoundGym member by reviewing one of their releases for our Music Spot feature. This month we focus on `Moodswings` by Sam Foxx Vos, aka Tokalah.

Vos grew up in a music-loving family in a small Belgian town near the French border. He works in a variety of electronic genres, but `Moodswings` finds him taking his cues from `90s trip hop and boom bap.

A patchwork of smoky loops and crisp drum samples, there are some nods to more modern styles here too, but the main feeling is one of hazy nostalgia. Filters and delays are used sensitively to create a real sense of space in the mix, as well as to add character and depth to the samples.

This is a take on the more hypnotic end of trip-hop and is therefore heavily based around the repetition of a handful of loops. Tokalah always treads the line carefully however, and through smart use of production tics, he prevents the track from getting dull or outstaying its welcome. This is a wonderfully atmospheric piece of music from a producer that is showing a great deal of promise.

If you want to hear more of Tokalah`s work then you can do so over on Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud and Facebook, where new material is going up all the time.

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