November 13th, 2022

Music Spot: Twin Flowers – Sweet Tooth

Twin Flowers – Sweet Tooth

From time to time, we shine the spotlight on a SoundGym member by reviewing one of their releases for our Music Spot feature. In celebration of the fact that we are adding his music to our SoundCoins Store, we are going to take an in-depth look at James Toohey aka Twin Flowers’ recent single, ‘Sweet Tooth’. 

Twin Flowers is a brand new rock act based in Melbourne, Australia. This project was created as a pseudonym by James Toohey, who spent time playing in other bands before finally developing his own sound with Twin Flowers. Toohey is from a quiet farm just outside of Australian regional town Ballarat, and earned his musical stripes playing music in Bristol, England. Over lockdown, he hid away in his bedroom studio and started honing a body of material that he had been accumulating for some time.

Toohey is a rock-enthusiast first and foremost but has influences ranging across the musical spectrum, from funk to electronica. His sound is influenced by Radiohead, LCD Soundsytem, and Deerhunter, but he has crafted something that is firmly his own – blending dreamy synths, guitar hooks, and a driving rhythm section into a wall of noise.

‘Sweet Tooth’ is a great example of his work – the track opens with swirling, wonky synths that bring Animal Collective to mind before settling into a low-slung rock groove. Toohey has a raggedly emotive voice that recalls Ty Segall and Sweet Tooth showcases it extremely well. 

The production on the track is restless and interesting – sampled vocal snatches, insistent percussion, and quirky synths help to form a surprisingly intricate canvas. Along with the vocal delays and swirled panning effects, this all gives the song a psychedelic edge that brings it close to the territory of fellow Australians Tame Impala. ‘Sweet Tooth’ is a great entry point into the world of Twin Flowers, packing a heap of sonic adventure into only three minutes. 

You can hear more from Twin Flowers on Spotify, and you can follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. His music is available in the Soundcoins Store now, meaning that you can use it in our games. 


Noam Gingold
Nov 13, 2022
I love it!

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