July 15th, 2020

Valhalla - Supermassive

We've got a real treat for you this month, as Valhalla has released another excellent free plug-in into the market. We've written about their free Freq Echo plug-in on this blog before, and we've raved numerous times about what great value their outstanding reverbs are.

Supermassive has been designed for 'MASSIVE' delays and reverbs. The plug-in uses a variety of feedback delay networks, where each delay has the capacity to be up to 2 seconds long. There are 8 distinct modes to choose from, each of which has its own unique character. Alongside the controls you would normally expect to see on a delay, you will also find 'warp' and 'density' controls that will allow you to 'dial-in pointillistic echoes, lush reverbs, echo clusters, and all sorts of sounds in between.'

In a saturated market, this is exactly the kind of plug-in that we like to see. It does a very specific job – one that other reverbs or delays may not manage. You will, therefore, know exactly when you want to use it on your productions. Given that the job this does is very clearly centred on just the one task (creating those 'massive' reverbs and delays), there is also a wonderful variety in the sounds you can create.

The plug-in is available in AAX, VST and AU versions. Mac is supported in 32 and 64-bit versions, while Windows is 64 bit only.

You can download Supermassive from the Valhalla website. Be sure to check out their other plug-ins too; they really are fantastic value.


perfe esmuc
Jul 15, 2020
You can learn a lot about reverbs by means of the entries Sean Costello have written in the Valhalla blog in the last 10 years or so.

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