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Hi guys!
this is my mix of the week - Dunning Kruger – “Sascha”

it was a difficult mix. it was hard to get him to move and I'm not happy with the result


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Hey all, this is my first time posting on here, however I could really use as much advice as I can get on this subject from people who hopefully know more than me about this topic. I currently have an early 2015 model MacBook Pro(that I got long before I knew anything about mixing). It has a 3.1 GHz Processor, and 16 GB of memory. With this in mind, what should I be looking for when it comes to a computer to use for mixing(in terms of memory, processing speeds, and whatever else would be impo...
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Why was the panning exercise so hard today?!?
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Question- Is there any way to know how much time we've spent on Soundgym workouts and practice? I feel like it would be helpful when sharing your experience with others (such as on a resume for a job) to say I have spent X hours on ear training. I don't think you can really do this with the SPI metric. Anyways, just curious!
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Does anyone here hate modern mixing and mastering for smartphones?
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Hey Guys, I need your help!

I've got this mix as far as i can take it and i don't think it's too bad, but it still feels a bit 'off' to me. I feel it's maybe bright but a bit harsh in either the heavy guitars or piano, or maybe it's that the bass isn't quite right, or it could be really anything obviously that i can no longer hear, i just know it can sound better. I'm due to release it this summer with my band. Let me know how to improve it

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Hi guys, my new track. I would really appreciate some feedback. In fellowship, Aby
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Hi all, I'm in the dark regarding what Sound Coins can be used for. Excitingly I'm on my way to 100 Grand's worth of Coin. The only thing I've purchased is the 808 Drums but I don't recall hearing 808 Machine drums during training ... should I have or ...? Cheers all :)
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Hello hello everyone!
The new MIX for this Week is another track from Telefunken full of groovy vibes! Nice vocals, keys, super fun guitars and a great finale! Are you ready? 🎛️🎸😛

Here is the link:
Dopapod – “Plaese Haalp”
Posting date/due date is any time on this coming SUNDAY July 03rd (Every Sun...
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🔃 Revision Day ✔️
🏁 Hi guys!
Here we can repost the mix of the previous week and see if it sounds better compared to the older one
(made before others feedback)

🎶 The song was : Dunning Kruger – “Sascha” 🎶
- Post the link of both: the old mix and the new one, in the comment section below! ⬇️ -
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I know my beats are not the best. I don't usually try very hard and I just make them to practice mixing more than anything. I put more time than usual into this one though. If you have a chance please check it out. It took almost a week just to make the fractal animation.😀 Any feed back good or bad is greatly appreciated.

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What's up guys!

I recently finished a colorbass dubstep track thingy wanting experiment a bit with other genres
So I'd love get some feedback on the mix


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Hello everyone
Here is Dunning Kruger - Sascha.
I went a simple way to mix, no special plugins -
I give the instrumental part enough room.
And then came the vocal. I used some effects to give them
some character .

Here is my mix of the song Sascha:

thanks for listening. Have a good day.
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Hello guys!
This is my version of Dunning Kruger – “Sascha”

I liked the atmosphere of this song, a bit “dark/melancholic”.. I focused on mixing the electric guitars adding different types of effects during the track, then I processed the drum kit trying to make it sound tight and coherent, the bass was tricky (I wanted it to be linear with not so much dynamic) then I applied reverbs and dela...
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hey soundgymmers i hope yall had a great week mixing and training your ears ;D I agree with eveyone else here. This was a very difficult mix for the following reasons:

1. It is not my genre. I dont like this genre and I dont associate with this genre at all
2. Takes were very harsh and I didnt know where to take my mix
3. Vocals were the only fun part for me lol

that is why I tried to take the harshness out of everything and make everything a bit compact and compressed.
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A slow type beat with Terrance McKenna and a Mandelbulb3d animation. Any feed back is greatly appreciated.
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Hi all, first time posting here. I have to say the thing ive learned most about starting soundgym (subscribed about 2 weeks ago) is how bad my room sounds, and the flaws of my setup in general, what do all your setups look like right now?
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Hello guys, I mixed, mastered, recorded, wrote/punched-in the vocals to this track. Please let me know anything I can improve or any constructive criticism. Also let me know if you enjoyed this type of song! Thanks!
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