Fine Cut Bodies - La Petite Excite
Fine Cut Bodies - La Petite Excite
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Fine Cut Bodies - La Petite Excite

Our free plug-in this month is La Petite Excite from Fine Cut Bodies. The product is essentially an exciter, which means that it uses subtle distortion to enhance your audio in various ways.

You can add distortion to the low frequencies, the high frequencies – or both – through the use of two rotary controllers. Driving the low frequencies can add fatness to a sound, while driving the highs can really help a sound cut through the mix. This means that the plug-in can be very effective on the key components of your mix; effectively drawing attention to them.

La Petite Excite also includes a CV control, that works as a `ducker` on the high frequencies. Essentially, this works as a compressor that only acts on the high frequencies going through the plug-in, taming the sound in the process. This is best used when you need the effect to be a little more subtle. Additionally, there is a `noise floor` switch; users of Waves plug-ins will be familiar with the concept of a toggle switch that adds low-level noise to a plug-in`s output – mimicking the noise created by analogue circuitry.

Finally, there are of course input and output level controllers – the output is particularly useful here, as raising the high or low controls boosts signal level too, meaning that you may need to reign the output in a little.

La Petite Excite is available as a 32 or 64 bit plug-in for PC and Mac (Mac OSX 10.5 or above is required). It comes in VST, VST3 and AU versions, and you can download it from here.

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