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Thomas Kumar

Hello Sound Gym community! I have an EDM track that I’ve been working on and I’d like your feedback on how I can improve this mix. Levels, balance, eq and compression are all things that I’m trying to get better at and at this point I’m not sure what is working and what isn’t. Thanks in advanced.

Silas Palmer
Jan 13
Sounds pretty good - everything is very clean.
Maybe your mix bus compression is getting a little slammed though? Lower the gain and/or volume on your tracks as per my favourite starting point levels guide:
Kick, snare, toms: -5dB
Bass, vocal: -10dB (try -15 for secondary bass and/or rock / indie vocal)
BVs, vocal doubles, solos, horns, claps: -15dB (-10 if solo level too soft, -15 is all BVs together. vocals 5dB less than lead)
Hats, Overheads, Guitars, Keyboards, low-freq percussion: -20dB
High freq percussion: -25dB
Room: -30dB

Solo each track / group and adjust levels until each is peaking at the indicated level on the mix bus (bypass all your mix bus compression, limiters, etc).

You'll obviously need to tweak levels from there as per your taste, but this is a good starting point.
Kérim S
Jan 13
Sounds a bit crispy in places, at 2:56 it's sounds like it's clipping a bit hard. Not really an EDM person though.
Jason Lorenzo
Jan 13
Hey Brandon! The overall sound is really good. I don't hear anything that really stands out as far as your instruments fighting for their own space. (Are you a FL user? Is that the GMS I hear???)

Around 2:38 the riser comes in and you cut the piano: I would try holding (or staccato notes) onto that B with the piano line and raise the pitch (of the piano) to match with the snare roll (chromatically, up an octave or two...) or. peddle those notes (B - G) throughout the snare riser. I would also try to automate a low pass filter (down) along with that section to cut out those high freqs a little and then open it up with the drop.

Good Job and keep it up!!! You should be very proud of your creation.
Mark Farry
Jan 13
To my ears, the acoustic guitar sounds like it could come up in volume a dB or two. Also, the big impact sound on both drops could have more of the mid range EQ'd out, maybe even consider using a different sample altogether.

Cool track! Keep on keepin' on.
Thanks to everyone for taking the time to send feedback. Very helpful recommendations. I’ll get cracking on those adjustments. Much appreciated!