Mix critiques & advices - reach your mixing goals!

Thomas Kumar

Kelvin Bull
Sep 20

Hope you are all doing well

I released a single earlier this year before I used Soundgym, but I thought I could receive some constructive criticism (maybe 3 stars and a wish haha) on it - so future songs I make can sound better!

Thanks for your time guys, take it easy!


(The listening options are under Ramen Ramen (the single) at the top!)
Charlie Watts
Sep 23
Nice and chill, I like the concept and vibe alot. My only critism is the low end on the mix between the instruments when the song kicks in at 1:17. You could have been more agressive with a high pass on the guitar to achieve a smooth effect, but I do love the tone you've made there. However, this will let the bass breath a lil more. And I'm not sure if its level thing but for me the piano also sounds like its fightion to make way in the mix, sounds a little out of time maybe.