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Thomas Kumar

Hip-hop Fusion Beat Feedback
What's up guys?! I've just dropped my 1st beat of the year and would like to know what y'all think especially of the production and Mix/master all feedback is highly welcomed. Thanks

Hi :)
First of all i like your idea, but i think there are a bunch of problems.
I would try to quantize the bass a little, cause it feels kinda loose.
Also it lacks of Low end, it feels not very powerful (or try to give your kick a little low end if you like the sound of that bass).
There are some problems with your rooms, reverbs and delays and some resonances in the arp.
The Wobble in the End feels like a preset and doesn't really fit.
The arrangement takes back all energy,
it feels like there is some part missing after the wobble, is that some kind of sneak peak?
I would try to work on that sound, could be a nice beat if you put more time in it.
Hope that helps, keep on :)
Mark Farry
Jan 12
The drums in the beginning all sound super short and dry, maybe try adding a touch of room reverb to the snare or a couple percussion elements
Kérim S
Jan 14
Nice track and a clean mix, I do think what the other guys said you could look at with some of the tracks timing needing to be nudged a little. I personally would also go with a touch of reverb on the drums at the beginning.
Greetings @Christian Guber ...I appreciate the good criticism especially with the low end...I also felt like something wasn't right just didn't quite know what it was... I think better sound selection for my kick should sort it out next time. The last part was to lead to another verse section but I didn't want the beat to be too long for commercial purposes. I honestly liked the wobble sound I guess not having the beat continue into the next section didn't complete the full picture. Either way I'm grateful you took the time to listen and help me improve. Cheers
@Mark Farry I agree with you. For some reason this didn't occur to me while I was working on the mix... I'll be more aware next time.. I appreciate it brother.
@Kérim S I'm grateful for the feedback. I play all of my melodies on keys... I guess that's where the timing problems are. I'll have to be more keen when working on the mix to fix such problems. Thanks again
Mark Farry
Jan 18
@Cedz Imagination you betcha. Also a cool trick I learned is that, instead of using room reverb on a snare, you can use delay with the following settings to achieve a similar spacial effect: L delay set to about 50ms, R delay set to about 60ms, Dry/Wet under 12%, feedback under 12% try it out and see how you like it