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Thomas Kumar

Proza Pine
Nov 19
Hi folks, just sharing a latest mix of one of my original tracks that I'm working on for an album. Would be good to get some feedback in terms of general balance of frequencies - it's got a psychedelic vibe and there's quite a lot of layers going on. Any constructive thoughts welcome...
I really really enjoyed it. It has this nice vintage charakter but also this dreamy (I don't want to say lo-fi) vibe to it.
It is debatable whether the lowend should be a tad tighter or not, for this late 60s sound this is perfectly fine in my opinion. Maybe compress it another dB or two.
A bit more highend would also be nice but not necessary (depending on wich tape machine this would have been).
There is a beautiful width in your mix without being too wide, maybe you could achieve the same effect for the front to back axis?
Aaaaand since I always wanted to work on music like this: If you're feeling like you'd enjoy doing stuff like this with other engineers feel free to dm me. If not, that's perfectly fine.
Proza Pine
Nov 20
Thanks - that's great feedback, appreciated. I'm fine with 'lof-fi' as a term, after all it's very much home-spun, in my attic studio! I'm here to really hone my production skills and I'm getting there slowly! At the mioment I'm knee-deep in trying to finish an album in what little spare time I get, but maybe in future I would be up for collabs. Cheers