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Thomas Kumar

Hey guys, recently i have been working on a Pop Punk album for TV and video ADS
can you please take a look? is there any soundtrack composer/producer to give me a specific feedback too?

Arthur Reich
May 12
It's totally not my genre, but i think the distorted guitars sometimes awkwardly clash in the mids with other stuff, which is a bit unpleasant for the ear when hearing it loud. And respect for making the tracks sound similar enough to sit together in an album. I had joy listening to it. Compared to some other pop punk i just listened as reference you have also more 200-400hz, but i think it's kinda pleasant. Nah, i like it, except for the clashing mids especially in parts where many instruments play in that range. Good job tho :)
thanks man, yeah i really get some issues with the guitars and snare they don't sound exactly what i would like lol
but thanks for feedback man i m glad that you liked!