Mixdown practicing&learning


Hello everyone
Here is Dunning Kruger - Sascha.
I went a simple way to mix, no special plugins -
I give the instrumental part enough room.
And then came the vocal. I used some effects to give them
some character .

Here is my mix of the song Sascha:

thanks for listening. Have a good day.
Hii Klaus hows your day going?
Nice job, You definitely made some space for your snare, and I think it is well done.

Nice creativity on ur vocals with the delays and so on. I think what is going on here is that some of the upper hid frequencies on your vocals and guitars are fighting each other thus reducing the clarity. Maybe make space for one another! and save yourself vocals are just a bit high

what do you think?
I think the first vocal part is fighting with right lead gtr. This could be changed. I will EQing with automation on the right gtr. thanks for your comment - Adrian Quiroz - wish you a nice day.
Pretty cool mix!!! To my opinion right guitar could be a bit quieter
Jun 27
Hey Klaus, good one! For me the guitars are loud compared to the drums and the vocals, on chorus sections they could be less heavy on the mids, especially the one on the right side ;P
thanks for your comments on this mix