Mixdown practicing&learning


hello everyone
I think of that as a jazz-like genre and I mixed in this sense.
My drums are a bit too upfront in my opinion, but I left it as it is.

here is my mix version of Naturally by Allen Stone


thanks for listening.
hi :3 I think your mix is a bit heavy on the mid freqs. Missing some low and high end and maybe also use of the full stereo spectrum instead of heavy on the center :) what do you think?

I think your guitar level was perfect
Hello! you did a good job!! technically everything sounds good, except for the bass in the right ear - it's not the best idea to paranomize a low-frequency instrument like that. the groove of the track is lost. but what about the atmosphere??? I can't dive into your track, it's not interesting. You can try to add some interesting reverbs, make the drums wider, make some more interesting EQ on the drum mics, add movement to the track. anyway you did a good job!!
Jun 20
Hey Klaus, good mix! I agree with Adrián, the song could be brighter and airy ;P