Mixdown practicing&learning


Hi guys!
this is my mix of the week - Dunning Kruger – “Sascha”

it was a difficult mix. it was hard to get him to move and I'm not happy with the result


I liked the delays on the guitars making them move around my ears hahaha.
I see that you pretty much took out the annoying resonances and balanced everything up nice job on that. It was very difficult haha

Minor thing, but I also liked your toms :)

Maybe cut 2 dB from your hats. I think this is a thing to put attention into, as it is common that for me your hats are a bit above a comfortable level. Might be your headphones are a bit dark? ;D what do you think about that?

But nice job, I also didnt know where to take my mix hahaha but yours sounds really clean and acceptable from my perspective.
I think the problem is in my headphones, they have become worse at transmitting high frequencies. in a few months I want to return home and to my studio, if there is no new escalation in the war ((
Jun 27
Hey Dzianis, good job! For me the mix lacks a bit of depth, the higher notes of the bass are a bit distracting same for the top end of the drum kit that could be tamed and result less edgy.. ;P
Vlad Po
Jul 02
похоже на совершенно ужасный исходный материал, который нарушает ритм и вообще многое звучит странно, но похоже ты неплохо справился, надо и мне попробовать, интересно что у меня выйдет из этого))