Mixdown practicing&learning


Hey! how is it going? I hope you are doing well!

This is my mix of the week from sunny Antalya- Allen Stone – “Naturally”
it was really a very nice track, for me the most emotional tracks are the tracks played in one shot. the big problem with this track is the bass synth. it had to be pretty tricky to get the harmonics in the lower middle. everything else was great. I finally tried the old school mixing method - I mixed all the elements at the same time and very rarely used the solo button.

I will be glad for your comments


Hi!!!! very dynamic, easy on the ear and chill mix :) If your goal was to make the vibe as chill as possible, then you achieved it.
A very funny thing is that, I find your reverb very dry and attached to the vocal as opposed to mine XD I dont know what that difference in perceptions can be, maybe culture, musical background, generation? Could be really interesting to conversate on those topics.

Ok I have two things that I have noticed at least with my ears.
On energetic parts, there is a harmonic i think around 800 - 1k on the vocals that I find very annoying and heavy on the ear. Maybe you could put dynamic eq on those?

And also crash sometimes I found that it jumps out as if it was very mad and wanted to kill the rest of the instruments. Yeah maybe dynamic eq or even multiband on that area like 5-8k? just to control when crash goes mad :)

really nice I love your approach on mixing :D

PD: i realize that you handled cymbals on vocal track better than I did. What did you do on those? :)
in fact there are problems with my mix, of course I would make additional edits to the mix at the request of the customer. My main problem is that I only mix with headphones, I don't have a good room or monitors, so it's hard for me to control the transients and lo-end in the track. And of course the big minus is that the ears get tired quickly. also my mistake was not to use references.
since the drums are very audible in the microphone, I started working with it: it was a simple chain with two compressors and two equalizers, then I chose a small room in the reverb and slapback delay. I then separately heavily compressed the guitars and organ using a la-3a, added some delay and a spring reverb - this pushed these instruments deeper into the mix. on the bass synth, I pumped up the mids quite a bit and tidied up the lows a bit. then I turned on all the tracks at the same time - corrected the dynamics of the drums and added equalization to all instruments. in fact, cymbal of drums can be automated - it would be much better than using a dynamic equalizer. I will be happy to answer your questions
Jun 20
Hey Dzianis good job! It's a really wide mix! I agree with Adrián when it says that sometimes cymbals jump out, for me the kick and the toms are a bit boomy, and maybe the drum kit in general could be smoother considering the genre, I like how you treated the lead vocal! ;P
I agree, in the car I noticed that the drums are really sharp and hursh. Thanks