Mixdown practicing&learning


Hey guys,
Here’s my version of Kat Wright - “Contact”

I agree with Magghy, the whole bleed thing was a big problem in the first place, especially with the vocals, I tried cutting, gating, etc...I finally left it all and EQed the whole stem.

As a first attempt at mixing something on Soundgym, I tried to stay as close as possible to the rough mix provided on the original website.

Please leave me a comment if you notice anything that could help me improve :)

Have a nice day guys
Hi Pierre, the link doesn't work to me.
Hey man, thanks, I switched it for a google drive link...let me know if it's ok now
Pierre now it asks for authorization to access the file. In the preferences of this file in your google drive you have to "make it available to everyone who's got the link".
Sorry, should be fine now
I like your mix a lot. Also interesting sound on the drums, very big sounding, how did you process kick and snare?
infaust _
Sep 12
Great mix! The kick is a bit too big for me for this style, but perhaps you like it this way.
@Totonno Nevone Thank Totonno :) Yep, the kicks feed a bus with a bit of transient designer that enhances the attack and lowers the sustain just a tad, an API 560 kills a bit of the low mid frequencies and bumps the 60s area, a bit of API 2500. This is all being parallel processed with an 1176 and blended back in.
For the snares, a bit of compression, Scheps 73 for drive and 1.8k rolloff, some more saturation with decapitator, sent into a hall reverb :)

@infaust _ Thank you! Yeah, I probably could've mixed it a little quieter, you're right ! Thanks for your feedback
Anne Schutte
Sep 13
Hi Pierre, nice work! I like the punchy kick and snare even though the kick might be a bit too strong for me.