Mixdown practicing&learning


hey soundgymmers i hope yall had a great week mixing and training your ears ;D I agree with eveyone else here. This was a very difficult mix for the following reasons:

1. It is not my genre. I dont like this genre and I dont associate with this genre at all
2. Takes were very harsh and I didnt know where to take my mix
3. Vocals were the only fun part for me lol

that is why I tried to take the harshness out of everything and make everything a bit compact and compressed.

so yeah If anyone here is an expert at this type of music please enlighten me as to how I did and where to take my mix :))))) thanks

Good job! Focus on your bass, you must be work with individual notes so they don't jump out. Try to us dyn EQ
you are so right about the bass!!! will do :) thanks @Dzianis Lazikevich
Jun 27
Hey Adrián, good mix! I agree with Dzianis about the bass, and for me the kick could be deeper, more body and less thump frequencies, maybe I'd reduce the tail of the reverb on the guitars ;P