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Sheldon Doss
May 12
For whatever reason on "PanGirl" the right pan sounds the same regardless of where it's panned too. Anyone have this problem or is my sense of dimension just not as strong in my right ear as it is the left?
This could be a hearing issue - but not so likely. It is most likely a Room acoustic problem. Try headphones.

It cannot really be an issue as far as I understand it.

Sense of dimension is primarily a combination of both ears and not one of them ( except if one of your ears has a completely different shape) acoustic shadow, the perception should be good..

Try different equipment and setups-
Open you daw and just pan a sound here and left and right , maybe have it move with automation to see whats going on

However it sounds like the game had made you become aware of an existing problem in your setup- that i would guess happens outside of the game as well.