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Hi! I’m new hear. Used my soundcoins to ”buy” some new training-music. How can I start using it? Can’t find it in the list of optional sounds in the different games. Thanks!
Which one did you buy?
And are you a free or a pro member?
I bought singer-songwriter, and maybe folk..pro member
I bought it too. because this came up very recently.
And I have it, too, has not yet appeared among the available.
so it was with the previous purchase of a training artist.
I waited a week and opened a support ticket today.
no answer yet.

if you bought it recently - then wait a bit.
if a long time ago - you can also open a ticket.
if everything is as it should be, then the purchased artists automatically become available for selection in your exercises
Thanks Ziggy! Well, I bought it a while ago. So write to some kind of support then..?
Dark Trap
Apr 01
He just asked the question here Anton hahaha
Anton hi!
How are you? appeared previously purchased artist?
Sean West
Apr 03
I wrote a letter to support to ask why the sounds I bought didn't show up in the choices. They never answered it so I don't spend the coins anymore. They don't appear to have any actual value.
Sean I think it's just a technical problem.
I already had it 2 times. Both times it was resolved through a ticket. The answer to the ticket is in a few days.
This time I received a reply within 3 days. the fault has been corrected. new music is already available in workouts
Yep, the sounds appeared!