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Yo, So I made this track for Synthesis class and I'd love to hear your opinions (constructive criticism) on the composition / synthesis / Sound Design / Mix or the overall track.
Thanks in advanced for listening! (It won't let me embed for some reason so I added a link aswell)
papa rojas
Sep 12
nice!! 😀
Arthur Reich
Sep 13
feels like you need to lowcut more so the kick hits a bit more. And idk it feels like there is a bit too much air, but i could be wrong The sounds are cool, but with automating the stuff you used for the sound design could make it even better. Overall pretty cool. Did you synth all sounds yourself?
Not all of them, I did sample some and I did synth some (The bell, the Sliding synth lead,some pads and I think one of the layers of the kick are synths I made).