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Peter schmitz
Mar 25, 2023
Hi y'all. I had a lightbulb moment regarding compressionist that I'd like to share. This may be obvious to some, and it totally makes sense now. When you are comparing the two recordings, like drum kit, there will be a few elements of the sound. For example, kick drum and cymbals. Choose one element of the sound to match the volume to the example recording. So, for example, match the volume of the cymbals exactly. It may be a subtle difference. Then, you can compare the other elements and figure out on which settings they are louder or the same.

I knew that compression evens out the loudness over the sound, but until you choose one part of the sound and match them as closely as possible, it's hard to hear the difference.
Kevin Krouglow
Mar 26, 2023
Totally! (: this has been my approach as well. You can't hear differences very clearly until they are gain/volume matched - and if all the parts don't sound at the same level when you match volumes, then that's the clue that it's a different setting. Oftentimes when I listen to different setting options I have to adjust the volume over and over again each time to make sure it matches levels in order to compare what sounds different. Just can't tell very well if the levels aren't the same.

Higher compression settings usually bring out more of the background sounds - room tones, reverbs etc. Though the longer attacks will delay the onset of the room tones/reverbs/drum ringouts etc and emphasize more of that initial transient. Whereas the shorter attack settings will make everything sound bigger and more spacious, with less of an upfront transient, and distort at the most extreme settings.

When listening for release times it's a similar thing - i.e. how quickly the reverbs/ring-outs/room tones come up after the initial drum hit.

Cheers! (:
Kendall Luke
Mar 26, 2023
I do however long it takes to beat my previous record. I dont have to beat the level, just my 1rst place score on every game. Some days are short, some days take practice