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Is anyone else experiencing soundgym crashes?
It happens maybe once in 20-30 games or so where the game just crashes and the site reloads. This is extremely frustrating, especially when you're about to beat your own highscore after ages of EQ mirror (or any other game) and the site just reloads without saving your score.
This happens in every game. On some days it happens a lot (like today) and sometimes it doesn't happen at all. I have opened multiple technical support tickets but the soundgym support is not very helpful. They just wrote the fault is not on their site and that's it basically.
I am using chrome on a windows laptop and this is the only website were this is happening. Any ideas?
same, I find chrome working better than safari though..
@jaap van der Heijden I have no experience with safari but the problem seems to be the same with firefox and internet explorer (yes, I have actually tried internet explorer, see how despreate I am?)
Safari normally works fine for me (playing free games). I finally subscribed and this morning the first game in the workout (EQ Knight) wouldn't load at all. Loaded fine in Firefox though. So I know my browser usually isn't the issue.
@SoundGym I already opened multiple tickets without help from support. All I get back are replys along the line of "not our fault" when it's clear I'm not the only one with this issue.