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Thomas Kumar

Hi everyone, I've been learning how to mix for live broadcasts, but now I'm stuck witha result like this https://soundcloud.com/user-853898060/leva-me-alem/s-2yWcEgHskOc
could you give me some feedback about it?
Michael Kerr
Sep 14
I would make sure your instruments aren't panned too far to the left or right - keep in mind most public sound systems output in mono. If you don't already, try mixing in mono to better accomodate all speakers. I love the song though, is that your vocals? Beautiful!
I see... I followed an Youtube's video instruction on panning :sweat_smile:, but I'll adjust it. Thanks!
No, it's from Luiz Arcanjo, a famous singer here in Brazil. I had the privilege to record this multitrack when he sang in our church.