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Anybody Golden or Diamond folks have tips for Stereohead? I've been at this for a while now, but the width difference between .3 and .7 doesn't really seem to be as drastic as they score it. In headphones or monitors, it pretty much sound the same to me. What am I missing?
Chris Rizzo
Jun 23
I feel similarly, and I can barely hear the differences when I feel like I should be able to. So I’m looking for tips myself.
not golden or not diamond, but probably problem is a your place, studio whatever it is, try compare headphones and speakers results in the game, try move speakers around your room. still cant hear any difference? Take your time to train your ears
CJ Murray
Jun 24
Personally, I like to reference what I'm hearing with what .2 or .8 may sound like in my mind. That or think of .1 or .9 (Granted this is more intuitive I think). I agree with you that it's difficult to tell the difference, but I know that with more practice, you do eventually come to tell the subtle difference. :)