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What's up guys!

I recently finished a colorbass dubstep track thingy wanting experiment a bit with other genres
So I'd love get some feedback on the mix


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Making it my goal to get the Golden Ears Award ASAP! Out of curiousity, how long did that take you? What's ur average level on different games? Can u get Golden Ears with a not so acoustically treated room and a pair of hs5's or Sennheiser 250bt headphones? Thanks!
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Hey all, this is my first time posting on here, however I could really use as much advice as I can get on this subject from people who hopefully know more than me about this topic. I currently have an early 2015 model MacBook Pro(that I got long before I knew anything about mixing). It has a 3.1 GHz Processor, and 16 GB of memory. With this in mind, what should I be looking for when it comes to a computer to use for mixing(in terms of memory, processing speeds, and whatever else would be impo...
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Hello guys!
This is my version of Dunning Kruger – “Sascha”

I liked the atmosphere of this song, a bit “dark/melancholic”.. I focused on mixing the electric guitars adding different types of effects during the track, then I processed the drum kit trying to make it sound tight and coherent, the bass was tricky (I wanted it to be linear with not so much dynamic) then I applied reverbs and dela...
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hey soundgymmers i hope yall had a great week mixing and training your ears ;D I agree with eveyone else here. This was a very difficult mix for the following reasons:

1. It is not my genre. I dont like this genre and I dont associate with this genre at all
2. Takes were very harsh and I didnt know where to take my mix
3. Vocals were the only fun part for me lol

that is why I tried to take the harshness out of everything and make everything a bit compact and compressed.
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Hi guys!
this is my mix of the week - Dunning Kruger – “Sascha”

it was a difficult mix. it was hard to get him to move and I'm not happy with the result


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Hello everyone
Here is Dunning Kruger - Sascha.
I went a simple way to mix, no special plugins -
I give the instrumental part enough room.
And then came the vocal. I used some effects to give them
some character .

Here is my mix of the song Sascha:

thanks for listening. Have a good day.
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🔃 Revision Day ✔️
🏁 Hi guys!
Here we can repost the mix of the previous week and see if it sounds better compared to the older one
(made before others feedback)

🎶 The song was : Allen Stone – “Naturally” 🎶
- Post the link of both: the old mix and the new one, in the comment section below! ⬇️ -
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A slow type beat with Terrance McKenna and a Mandelbulb3d animation. Any feed back is greatly appreciated.
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Hi all, first time posting here. I have to say the thing ive learned most about starting soundgym (subscribed about 2 weeks ago) is how bad my room sounds, and the flaws of my setup in general, what do all your setups look like right now?
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Hello guys, I mixed, mastered, recorded, wrote/punched-in the vocals to this track. Please let me know anything I can improve or any constructive criticism. Also let me know if you enjoyed this type of song! Thanks!
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Anybody Golden or Diamond folks have tips for Stereohead? I've been at this for a while now, but the width difference between .3 and .7 doesn't really seem to be as drastic as they score it. In headphones or monitors, it pretty much sound the same to me. What am I missing?
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Hello everyone! Would be nice to hear about these two vocal D&B Tracks?

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Does anyone know if there will be a soundgym sale anytime soon? Looking to get the lifetime membership
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Hiiii babes
this my mix for the weekend,

Okay so the thing I say is that I wish my vocals could have been 2 or 3 db higher but it was impossible because of the hats and CRASH bleeding into them!! D: anyone found a solution to that?????

Tell me what you think :) thanks
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Hello everybody!
This is my version of Allen Stone – “Naturally”

It was a bit difficult to take under control all the mics bleeds, especially the ones coming from the vocal’s tracks.. I tried to put the emphasis on the “jazzy/chilly” atmosphere and give a special “color” to the electric guitars and the organ.. then I added a bit of reverbs and delays to give space to the elements and g...
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Good morning mates!
Let’s change genre and go for a more rockish vibes! The new MIX for this Week is a cool instrumental track with vocals singing only at the very end! Hands on the fader! 🎛️🎶 😊

Here is the link:
Dunning Kruger – “Sascha”
Posting date/due date is any time on this coming SUND...
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Hello everyone Here is my work )

I will be very grateful to you if you find time to listen to my work and share your opinion !
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hey everyone, after two years without mixing anything, i'm trying to find my way back to music production. now i miss all the spare time i had before having a full time job hah.

with your permission, i only mixed an excerpt from 'allen stone- naturally' (the final bit) as i progress with these drills i will try to mix larger parts of the song.

any feedback is very welcomed, thank you all

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Hello guys! Hope all is well.
Here's a little long self introduction but my whole point is about asking some mastering knowledge. I just thought explaining my background might help for you to simplify how to answer. Hope you don't mind;)haha

I'm producing an album for a rock band and about to finish mixing and send to mastering engineer.
I haven't studied about mastering and focused more on recording.mixing technique etc. Because my client will hire very well known...
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Hey! how is it going? I hope you are doing well!

This is my mix of the week from sunny Antalya- Allen Stone – “Naturally”
it was really a very nice track, for me the most emotional tracks are the tracks played in one shot. the big problem with this track is the bass synth. it had to be pretty tricky to get the harmonics in the lower middle. everything else was great. I finally tried the old school mixing method - I mixed all the elements at the same time and very rarely used the...
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Hi everyone,

Here is my mix of the week, my version of Allen Stone – “Naturally”


Thanks for listening. As always, all comments/suggestions or thoughts are greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!
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hello everyone
I think of that as a jazz-like genre and I mixed in this sense.
My drums are a bit too upfront in my opinion, but I left it as it is.

here is my mix version of Naturally by Allen Stone


thanks for listening.
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