Sep 22 in SoundGym Cafe
To all musicians out there !
We have 2 dry vocals.
First one, we call it Deep
Second one, we call it Thin.
One of the voices is real person, the other is AI.

Debate :

In this second example we have @Alexandra Escalle Vs. my trained AI voice :

PS: The AI is the same as in the first example
Maik Frenkel
Sep 23, 18:27
Tirone Magalhaes das sehe ich komplett genau so, danke du hast mir einen Riesen Text erspart ;-)
Tairone Magalhaes
Sep 23, 18:52
I wrote my first comment based on the first excerpt only. Just realized there is a second excerpt, which makes a comparison a bit more fair (could still use some EQ matching though).

So, in the second example I believe you inverted the order. The first voice is probably Alexandra's, while the second is generated by AI.
Tairone Magalhaes
Sep 23, 18:57
I agree that the technology is impressive. It's just a matter of time until it becomes impossible to know the difference by ear. We will probably have to rely on AI-based tools to apply forensic analysis to audio in the future, since AI generated audio will become more and more convincing.
A. J.
Sep 19 in SoundGym Cafe
Hi everyone, I'm having an issue lately. I hope I can explain myself, sometimes I'm close to finish a game and I only need two more answers and as soon as I make a mistake I lose two lives, is that normal? Also when I'm playing the beatmaker games the one guessing the tempo, I have made the right answer but make it as a mistake 😅 kind of a weird thing. Anyone else having the same problem?

Kind regards
_ vnknvvn _
Sep 22, 19:35
thx Sean, i can just about clear stage 2, stage 3 gets too narrow, might be me or am i trying to climb mount everest in flip-flops and shorts by doing this on dt770s 250, fed by ur-rt2? can't afford sonarworx atm, plugin alliance scavneged through my pockets big time 😕
Alan Sharps
Sep 22, 21:32
A.J. Sorry for the late reply. I've experienced that same thing in both the tempo and the swing challenges. I'm very careful to always assume that I'm wrong. The whole game is meant to improve our perceptions.

On the tempo game I've noticed that after choosing a correct answer a new beat will play that's within 5 clicks of the previous correct answer. It's still within the range of the cursor but when I select it I'm wrong. The correct answer is shown and it's not an even division of the beat. if it was twice as fast or half I would think I just missed the tempo vs. subdivisions. I'm convinced sometimes the game is wrong.

On the Swing game be careful to listen to the beat without the swing. Sometimes the swing might be in the 16th notes and not in the 8th notes (or 32nd notes vs 16th notes). Still there are times where the swing tightens but the answer is that it is looser. That's my perception at this time.

After playing swing jazz music and double time swing R&B music (New Jack/Purdie Shuffle?) it's tough for me to get OUT of my head that triplets are 50% swing. It seems in drum machine land swing is dotted 1/8 to 1/16 at 50%. Am I correct about that? Thanks.
A. J.
Sep 23, 18:55
Hey, Alan thank you for the answer. Yes, laso the same issue with the tempo game happened to me. And about the percentage I'm also a jazz musician, but from the start I didn't try to give a percentage to the jazz swing, maybe is because I'm a saxophonist 😅, I just kind of feel it as it is, kind of like if it gives me more or less swinging and just go for it hehehehe but is a really good way to think it, I'll try to apply it on the next games.
Congrats @Mr. Question for winning the Diamond Ears Award!
Mr. Question
Sep 23, 12:58
Thank you everyone in this amazing community! I finally made it after 6 months of daily trainings.
Shall we have a party?

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